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Undeveloped copper & gold massive sulfide deposit

The Turner Gold Project is located approximately 40 miles southwest of Grants Pass, Oregon. The deposit is a massive sulfide deposit to be mined by underground mining methods to produce concentrates of gold, copper, zinc, silver, and potentially cobalt. Most of the mineralization is amenable to flotation to produce three concentrates: 1) a copper concentrate, 2) a zinc concentrate and 3) a gold concentrate.

Substantially drilled / advanced stage/ high grade resource

The Turner Gold Project deposit is contained within three patented mining claims which total about 60 acres. An additional 265 acres of contiguous private land is controlled by Josephine Mining Corp. The deposit can be classified as a volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit of the “Cyprus” model. The Turner Gold deposit is ophiolite hosted and is associated with sea floor volcanism and extensional tectonics. There are three zones of mineralization: UHZ, MUZ, and MLZ that appear as semi-tabular bodies that strike 130 degrees (southeast) and dip 35 degrees to the northeast.

Turner 43-101 Technical Report ( PDF )

Drilling (2011) Turner Project  - Gold / Copper
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